"Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused" -- unknown
Top ten reasons you know that you are a Linux user:
  1. You have more beta-development programs on your computer than stable releases.
  2. You don't cringe at the bad puns (and you know that this point refers to).
  3. The last time you actually bought software from a physical store was, well ... Are there any software stores in town ?
  4. Whenever you use a floppy disk on any computer your instinct is to mount it first and umount it before removing it.
  5. When a Windows or Mac user comes to you with a problem manipulating a text file, your first thought is, "but that is so easy, just use sed or perl".
  6. Your old 486 is faster than your friend's Pentium. (O.K. this was written in about 1999.)
  7. Your programs contain more punctuation than alpha-numerical characters.
  8. You get in heated arguments about the merits of vi vs. emacs.
  9. "grep", "yacc" and "awk" don't sound like rude expressions.
  10. The command:
    sed -n "100,$s/\(\/\*\) *\([^\*]*\)+\(\*\/\)/\1\t\2\t\3/" a.c
    not only does not give you nightmares, but you actually understand what it does.