Model Railway Links

CBRMCalgary British Railway Modellers
BRMNABritish Railway Modellers of North America
Calgary Model Railway SocietyA regional umbrella.
NMRAAmerican, but nonetheless very useful even for non-American models.
Model Railway Shops
Rails of Sheffield
Hattons Model Railways
The Signal Box
Britannia ModelsIn Vancouver, Canada
More specialized suppliers
Wizard ModelsWide variety of bits and pieces and kits. Very nice search facility including date specification. See also 51L. Now includes the Mainly Trains, MSE and Comet lines.
Major Model Railway
Hornbynow including Humbrol and Airfix (or it would if their website worked)
Pecoincluding Wills, Ratio, Parkside and Modelscene
Woodland ScenicsAll sorts of scenery and landscaping supplies
Oxford RailI’m not sure they should be called a major manufacturer. Given that for some of their products, 3+ years have passed since the announcement and they still aren’t available yet, the company needs to do better.
SuperquickThe line of architectural card kits that “everyone” knows about. Nice kits and easy to put together, but ubiquitous and the treatment of building corners is not ideal
Metcalfe ModelsThe better line of architectural card kits.
ScaleScenesA superb line of architectural card kits. Not for the beginner though, and you need a good colour printer.
Suppliers for Model Railways
Wizard ModelsWide variety of bits and pieces and kits. Very nice search facility including date specification. See also 51L. Now includes the Mainly Trains, MSE and Comet lines.
Alan GibsonKits and parts for many railways The website is hideous (Wizard sells Alan Gibson items and is easier to read), but the range is enormous. You need to know what you’re doing.
ScalelinkA horrible site to navigate but a wide selection of period items. In particular dates on a number of vehicles and figures that have non-modern clothing. Also frets architectural parts and foliage.
Scale Link FretceteraNew owner of some of the older scale link frets. Not the easiest site to navigate, but the selection is well worth looking at.
CooperCraft and Parkside DundasGood plastic Kits of wagons, coaches, lineside and road trucks. Cambrian now owns CooperCraft and Peco now has Parkside
Comet ModelsCoaches; sides and kits. Also loco chassis, motors, wheels and other bits, and a some very nice looking kits. See Wizard Models above.
London Road ModelsA nice selection of (mostly pre-grouping) locos, coaches and related pieces.
DJH Model LocoBrass kits and parts for locomotives
C & L FinescaleExcellent selection of track parts, signals, soldering tools and supplies. Also, some rolling stock kits, wheels, etc. Pity about the website though.
Model Signal EngineeringSignals and points control systems, both working and cosmetic.
Not sure what has happened to the website. For now, go to Wizard.
Langley ModelsMostly castings for scenery and buildings, ships, etc, but also includes a lot of interesting figures.
Model Railway Techniques and Resources
Scalefour SocietyA useful page, and not just for S4.
Model Railroad and Misc ElectronicsA wide range of useful circuits of varying complexity and completeness. The web site is a bit of a mess, but the content is still extremely useful.
The BRMNA Index of ReferencesA list of magazine articles about prototypes and modelling methods.
JMRIAn Open Source project including a DCC decoder interface, a dispatcher and manifest generator, consisting, computerized layout control, and much more.
Model Railway Magazines, Books and Other Media
Model RailroaderThis American magazine has a lot of generally useful modelling methods information. Also has some impressive photography.

Their website is flagged as being dangerous, so I’ve linked to this site instead.
Model Railway Express
Railway Modeller
Midland RecordNow defunct
LMS JournalThe home pages for this have vanished. Very annoying. If anyone knows where they are now, please let me know. These pages will do for now.
Bill Hudson Books
Middleton PressNow, that’s a nice website. The publisher of number of interesting books including the “x to y” line descriptions.
Nick Tozer Books
Crecy Publishing (formerly Ian Allan)
Robert Humm & Co.
Irwell PressThe publisher of BRILL and Railway Bylines (though you wouldn’t know that from their website) and a number of interesting books.