Short Stories
Slayer’s RevengePublished in Enigma Front: Burnt
A dragon hunter wants payback for the loss of his hand, his ship and his crew.
A Greater VisionPublished in Enigma Front
A tribe’s scout stumbles upon artifacts that change his life in several ways.
The Ultimate Recruit Published in MacroMicroCosm “Trickster” Vol. 3 Iss. 4
A man tries to rid himself of a nasty recurring dream, with life-changing consequences to more than just himself.
When You Are Gong Through HellAn introvert in a fantasy world struggles with his own personal demons
No Tears FellAn outcast stumbles onto the ruins of a human city
A Drop in SpaceA man makes a bad decision that leads to a revelation.
Terra CrystallinaA science fiction story set (mostly) in Toronto in which the remnants of human-kind live gratuitous lives in image rooms (think holodecks but not quite so far fetched).
BejewelledSequel to the “Travellers and Pawns” trilogy set 14 years later. Perhaps the name needs changing since there are movies and video games with the name. Unfortunately the name is perfect otherwise.
Another WorldA man tries to explain to his fiancee and family how he stumbled into a parallel universe.
The InterviewA young soldier expects the worst when his lady’s duke calls him onto the carpet.
Dragon AwakeningA 10 year old boy encounters a dragon, with unexpected consequences.
The Parable of the Two Kind MenA fairy-tale style lesson in getting what you wish for.
The Dancing PrincessesTen fairy-tale princesses attempt to rescue their father.
Vit’s TaleThe “Travellers and Pawns” story from Vit’s perspective.
RepriseA soldier wakes up on a battlefield but doesn’t understand what happened to him.
(latest project — untitled so far)In 2078, a young man finds himself trying to survive the nastiness of the new Canadian civil war and a group of nihilists that don’t care who they hurt. A woman in the same predicament becomes an ally as they gather others and try to protect children from the horrors around them. While their relationship is very close, they go in different emotional directions. She focuses on the emotional and religious health of the group while he not only keeps them alive, he also falls head-over-heals for a young dancer and biathlete in the group.
Catching up with the Princess (working title)A young royal servant tries to help the princesses after kingdom is attacked and the others of their family is massacred. He tries to rescue them only to discover that they didn’t need to be rescued, and very little goes the way he expects it to.
Tower of the AncientsIn a post-apocalyptic world, an artillary captain and his friends try to stay alive long enough to discover the roots of his magical abilities. “1984” meets the “Da Vinci Code” (but without the numerology).
Tower of the KeeperA family must find the key to the tower’s power before the impending war destroys not just their lives, but the lives of the thousands living in the tower.
Thinking Outside the TowerTelepathically connected twins must learn how to deal with their ability to feel each other’s emotions, but while he tries to uncover the plot to kill their family, she quests to find medical help for their mother. The young woman becomes caught in a racial war, leading her to question several of her own biases.
Tornado of Desire (working title)Modern day romance: a young man, just out of university and saddled with mountains of student debt, finds himself competing with his nephew (only four years apart in age) and two wealthy playboys for the attention of a independent-minded young woman. They are thrown together by the tornado, but having survived together doesn’t mean that the lady suddenly shifts her allegiances.
Tornado’s Revenge Modern day romance: Sequel to Tornado of Desire; a young couple finds their happiness threatened by a mystery.
Travellers and PawnsTwo collegues, David and Fiona, are kidnapped and forced to journey home. Their journey is not only literal but figurative: a search for what religion, home and community mean to them. Along the way, they encounter religious strife, a civil war, assassination attempts, princes (friendly and otherwise), slavery, romance, friendships, enemies and politics. No, I’m not happy with the title. Nor am I completely happy with the names of the books: “Village Life”, “Balance of the Courts”, and “Death and Knowledge”. The trilogy name derives from the dual nature of their journey, and the fact that the locals call people like them “travellers”. The book titles come from the four gods and goddesses in one of the religions: life, death, knowledge and balance.

Note: Most of the titles are working titles. Some I am fond of, others, not so much.