Glamorous Fashions at Awards Shows

Usually I stay far, far away from the subject of Awards Shows, and even further from what the women at the shows are wearing. The feminists are right when they say we shouldn’t focus on women’s clothes and appearance. However, this weekend, happenstance caused me to pay attention for half an hour, and in this context, the women involved are clearly very interested in making a fashion statement. Therefore, while it may still be superficial, it is not inappropriate to pay attention.

I must have a more European than American sense of taste. We have just had the Grammys and also the BAFTAs (British Acadamy Film Awards). I was channel surfing when I came across the BBC-news coverage of the red-carpet of the latter, and this evening a news website covered the former. Generally, what I have to say about what the ladies were wearing at the Grammys is either yikes or boring. Two of the dresses even looked like almost-open sequined bath-robes, even to how much skin they showed. That’s their choice, but in my opinion (for whatever that’s worth): very tacky and crass. The clothes worn at the BAFTAs, on the other hand, were much more elegant. Also, much less use of glitter. My opinions didn’t always agree with the BBC commentators, but on negative effects of glitter: yes. Some of the dresses even had sleeves and a neckline that had a passing relationship with the lady’s neck! But elegant, beautiful and complementary they were.

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